Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Uncovering and Courtyards

Most of the old metal skin is off of the structure and the definition of the structure that will remain is taking shape.  These pictures show rows of exposed trusses that will remain in the area that will become courtyards.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stone Production

While the old TDOT building is not standing on the site anymore, it is being recycled.  The remaining concrete from the building is being crushed into a size that will serve as engineered fill.  We will be using this "stone" on site throughout the project to fill the old building pad, as stone base for concrete, and under the new parking areas as base stone.  We "produced" about 5,000 cubic yards and anticipate using most all of it on site.  This was a good sustainability win and cost savings!  See video of the crushing operation.

Demo Work Progressing

We are continuing to pull back the old skin of the Sheds and preparing for foundation work to support the new second floor and walls.  Structural reinforcement is being added and concrete demolition is continuing.  It is neat to see the building skin removed to expose what is a very unique and interesting structure.